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sun, jul 15th, '12  ♦  02:50am

saturday 14th;

began my day/afternoon by sticking this on bobbi's door...

(cuz we're on a "south park" kick right now. god help us!)

and here we go, this was merely the start of another boiling hot day.

mid-afternoon i met up with isafantasy & wild_lilly.

samouraïs exhibit @ pointe-à-callière

the etruscans exhibit @ pointe-à-callière

haha wtf.

anne-marie & i's contribution the the guestbook.

stopped for iced capps at timmies.

isa eventually had to leave cuz she already had plans for dinner. a-m & i still couldn't make up our minds on where to go for own dinner, when we finally end up at la strega in the village to have pasta.

rushed to go see...

which was (i thought) a bit short, but overall really good and entertaining and totally worth seeing. plus it was taking place at the national. looove that venue.

turns out there was an optional 2nd part of the show, live music from swedish duo ripple & murmur. and so we switched seats for the 3rd time that night, haha, and chose to stay.

back in the streets.

i guess i should've know. yeah...I SHOULD'VE KNOWN. that public transportation was going to be FULL CAPACITY HELL because of the freakin' fireworks going on. i mean, i'd been stuck with a headache all day but this absolutely was the cherry on top. there was so many people on the 48 bus that the driver even had to refuse access to people. finally got home at 12:30am. !! thank. fuck.

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wed, jul 11th, '12  ♦  09:20pm

i actually received this;

in an enveloppe at work yesterday

why would anyone send an expired rebate coupon to their insurance company?!
that..... is a first.

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mon, jul 9th, '12  ♦  09:01pm

i wish amanda palmer wouldn't e-mail naked pictures w/o any kind of warning whatsoever while i am at work.


i've got such a like/dislike mental relationship with her at this point. (not her music, her).

i'd jumped into the kickstarter, anyway, while sinking in another one of those "oh, she's getting on my nerves" phase. but i just heard her new song "want it back" earlier, and...woooow ILOVEIT. it's really really. reaaaally. good.

if only she'd quit the everything-naked obsession now. ergh. and i'm not even saying that because i'm a prude (which i'm not!), it's just... i don't know.....record is skipping on that topic? been there done that already?

p.s.: i'd post the video but it's censored cuz there's too much NAKED.

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mon, jul 9th, '12  ♦  08:33pm


how fantastic does it feel being away from this crap now?

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thu, jul 5th, '12  ♦  10:31pm

i am so fucking disappointed;Collapse )

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tue, jun 26th, '12  ♦  07:53am

4 days off = over!



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sat, jun 23rd, '12  ♦  06:33pm

sunday 05/27th;

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mon, may 21st, '12  ♦  04:44pm

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sun, mar 25th, '12  ♦  01:12pm

there were mediums and people downstairs in the house trying to get it to stop.
alas, in vain.

the evil entity had managed to paralyze the bodies of a man and a woman sleeping back to back into their bedroom on the 2nd floor, simultaneously making their blood run faster and therefore, heat up (?!), so that their entire bodies would swell and expand to ridiculous proportions. swelling up enough so that their bodies eventually completely fused together. laying into the middle of the bed. all traits had disappeared under the over-swelling, all that was left was one big goo amount of skin and blood and two souls trapped together.

not sure if they were pleased about that or not.

i make really weird dreams.

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wed, mar 14th, '12  ♦  06:06pm

it's my (week)day off and here i am zombie/chilling @ starbucks at fairview pointe-claire.

.....and apparently i don't know what to write.


i just bought a new purse so i'm finally getting rid of my current one with the huge holes inside where my stuff keeps getting lost in. war is officially over.

i slept 9 and a half hours last night, yet i feel i could just pass out on this table. perhaps they slipped some sleeping drug inside the jumbo poutine earlier. i dunno. erhhh.

seb & i went to see "shrek the musical" @ place des arts last evening. which was a bit weird. visually wow-ish. it's hard to believe some people are actually getting paid to act and sing and dance wearing fucked up costumes + make-up. hours later the show ended and we shared cigarettes & mcdo on the way back. (i still cannot f* believe he had to pee behind that tree past midnight, bwaaahahaha).

i want a frappuccino.

i should probably get going before temptation takes over. and/or sleep catches up.


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fri, feb 24th, '12  ♦  12:43pm

job interview for switch to analyst. next monday!!

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sun, feb 5th, '12  ♦  11:45pm

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thu, feb 2nd, '12  ♦  02:21pm

sometimes i grab a donut at dunkin' during my lunch break. i bring it back to work and put the bag on my desk. and just wait to see how long i can stretch the wait before i open up the bag. sort of like a competition against myself.

i mean...it's a white cream donut.

white cream!!

it's 2:20pm i have now been back for 25 minutes. still doing strong.


edit: 3:05pm. game over.

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tue, jan 31st, '12  ♦  02:00pm

à ajouter dans les noms de villes au québec à coucher deworrrs(!!)

je niaise même pas.

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mon, jan 2nd, '12  ♦  03:56am

finding a new years party to attend. easiest task in the world, one might say. right? ...wrong?

in my world.

in my world where there's no countdown and there's no champagne and there's no fucking mistletoe.

when your dreams with your head down on your pillow can be far more exciting than reality.

frankly there's nothing quite like the holidays to make outcasts fully realize that they're outcasts...in case they'd somehow forgotten. to me they're like the bearer of dreadful realizations such as of how few people are going to be at my funeral. in the end. and there's not quite any other way to describe this feeling i can't shake other than i'd wish to completely disappear then. only for then. or fast forward, nevertheless.

i want to believe. badly. yet faith is a tricky thing. part time troublemaker. why yes it seems as though once i come to accept and embrace the way things are, beautiful and imperfect, something tends to come up to give me the hope of something even grander, something even better, which i didn't even ask for in the first place. (the higher i get, the higher the fall). blowing up into my face.

i want to believe that somehow i'm worth more as a human being than spending new years eve alone with my cats and my walls and my cigarettes if i wish not to.

i guess i am superstitious that way..... the end of the year; the shape of things to come.

this utter feeling of loneliness i so casually forget otherwise. so-called merry times always seem to trigger the reality check.

it's fucking 4am and here i am typing this.

i feel so hollow inside.

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tue, nov 29th, '11  ♦  10:09pm

dear diary,

i have been neglecting you. i am neglecting you.

truth is i'm always taking short notes here and there. making to-do lists. convincing myself that in the near future i am going to elaborate these into some kind of comprehensible text. next thing i know i get lost somewhere between work and dinner and bobbi and my cat-children.


& random notes.

thursday 10/27th;

dentist appointment morning. new mouldings* purchase at BMR, cuz they were on super sale for an equally super short time. work afternoon.

saturday 10/29th;

laval shopping.

sunday 10/30th;

glorious first day of seb sanding my walls.

sunday 6th;

pointe-claire shopping. dinner at mckibbins.

thursday 10th;

latest leopard-print wallpaper arriving at the parents' house.

monday 14th;

quest to find chalk paper on roll after work. (no dice.) rushing through place ville-marie afterwards to get back home, seb randomly noticing me as i'm passing by and so i wind up blah-blah-ing at the store instead. heading back home with him & farrah.

tuesday 15th;

washing two of my living room walls so we can put my couch back into place for the time being. cuz it's getting obvious the renos aren't getting 100% done anytime soon.

wednesday 16th;

seb was off, i wasn't. original plan was rushing off to the nearest BMR in the evening to get the mouldings* refunded (since as it turns out they didn't fit properly — horror, gasp). only he'd called the store during the day and, long story short, we had to choice but to bring them back where i originally purchased them. thus being in st-jean. then turns out st-jean store was closed. meh. quick stop at mcdonald's, and finally bringing back the mouldings at the parents' place instead. cooking dinner at my place around 10:30pm.

thursday 17th;

attempted to write a journal entry that evening. it went like this;

«tonight i am chilling. c-h-i-l-l-i-n-g. and i am writing into my journal. goddammit. i did a little bit of groceries for mandatory cheesecake, cooked a nice dinner, finally allowed myself time to shave down under! took a relaxing shower afterwards. i am now in my pjs, i have my coffee.» [...]

couldn't finish.

saturday 19th;

ikea boucherville trip with the parents to buy the wall shelf unit* i wanted to get the previous time when i was with genell, but that they'd been running out of.

sunday 20th;

i had a friendship date from someone from craigslist, and it was really awesome.

tuesday 22nd;

very out of the blue-ish late afternoon at work deciding to return to ikea to buy the main frame still missing for the living room. ...third time's a charm. even though three ikea field trips within a very short time = not as exciting as it might seem! that same morning parents had dropped off the wall shelf unit* box over at my place. needless to say i couldn't wait the next day to put it together?

wednesday 23rd;

first snow storm of the cold season. and, i am OFF. (neener neener.) late sleeping and all things home productivity. just past dinner time the 33 bus is full packed. bringing back the white frame which i'd bought at omer de serres the day of my date for a refund. which explains the ikea frame. somuchbetterohmygod.


to be continued.

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mon, nov 21st, '11  ♦  04:41pm

dans l'autobus du retour de mardi passé, rendu à mi-chemin la personne assise à côté de moi a cédé sa place à une madame âgée. la madame âgée était avec un monsieur un peu plus jeune avec qui elle parlait: «le monde est donc ben gentil ça nous donne leurs places. cé commode d'être vieille!!!».

autres citations digne de mention dans la conversation qu'elle a continué d'avoir avec le monsieur;

- «y sentait la pitoune!»
(en parlant du gars noir qui voulait lui céder sa place dans l'autobus qu'elle venait de prendre juste avant.)

- «yé crosseur le gars!»
(en parlant de quelqu'un qui payait pas son garçon maurice pour la job qu'il faisait.)

- «j'ai acheté un paquet de cacannes.»

- «est pas pire la vieille!»
(en parlant d'elle-même.)

- «le bon dieu va me récompenser pareil!»

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mon, oct 31st, '11  ♦  09:50am

au travail ce matin en train de traiter une réclamation pour une enfant qui s'appelle marie-tangerine.

tangerine. .....wow.

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sun, oct 23rd, '11  ♦  02:09am

friday 14th;

third day in row doing overtime at work. quite assurely pointless overtime, too, since that'll be included into my paycheck with bonus. which of course i didn't figure out at first. because i'm an idiot.


met up with seb after his shift for a luxurioooous mcdo dinner. then over at his mom's place for picking up the car.

tis all.
i think.

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thu, oct 20th, '11  ♦  02:21pm

since tuesday there are custom made text messages ringtones on my iphone4.


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