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thu, oct 23rd, '14  ♦  02:37pm

tuesday 21st;

after days and days of boycotting zuccinis because of the price raise...


and i was happy.

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wed, oct 22nd, '14  ♦  05:09am
good guys finish last

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mon, oct 20th, '14  ♦  03:08pm
ferry ramp

monday 13th;

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sat, oct 18th, '14  ♦  06:21pm
saturday nights

thanks to my shallot leftovers!

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tue, oct 14th, '14  ♦  10:11pm

i'd just turned 21. brian was standing before us entirely wearing white and he looked a chain-smoking-cigarette angel. we were leaning by the edge of the tiny stage at irving plaza at arms length from him and stefan. can't remember what i was wearing but probably one of those corsets or rockin' outfit i could still fit in back then. no big screen, no flashy lights, no crazy security guys. us. them. a drum, a synthesizer, a couple of guitars. and the make-up around brian's laser blue eyes. this turned out to be one of the most magical nights of my life, which strangely couldn't be foreseen as i was living it. but then time slips through your fingers and the older you get, the closer you come to fully understand how the concept of time is WEIRD. how 13 years ago can still feel like yesterday in your mind. (your folks tell you that when you're growing up, then you smile and nod but deep down you think this is sh*t). i'm never ever ever getting back what happened that night, even if putting back together similar aspects of that given scenario.

aside from my ticket stub, this is all i've (physically) got left from that night:

which my dryer eventually shrunk.

yesterday, placebo played at the metropolis.....

monday 13rd;

first things first: i love that band. ok. i love it with all of my sorry fucked up heart and i even love it despite the changes over the years and brian's odd-temper and steve leaving the band a few years ago. also, i want at least one of their songs to be played at my funerals some day. hands down.

maybe it's my fault for having expected somewhat of a blast from the past last night. but instead they played almost ALL of the songs from their last album — the only one which i'd never listened to yet — and not much else from their six previous albums. disappointed. also, wtf was it with the strobe lighting (not sure whose fault it is for that one, the metropolis tech guys or the band management) because honestly i felt like in the simpsons episode with the seizure robots.

i'm still happy i went. however today i'm kinda craving something which, like i previously said, i'm never ever ever getting back.

highlights of the night: ''every you every me'', ''twenty years'' + ''running up that hill''.

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tue, oct 14th, '14  ♦  09:29pm

saturday 11th;

day with seb, chantal & brooke.

brunch @ gerry's (should've stuck with what i ordered the previous time).

quick stops at value village for me & future shop for chantal.

goddamn street traffic.

a lot of computer-fixing geekiness
a little mario karting (and me watching)

pizza hut for dinner was soooo yummm. creamy butter chicken & cheesy poutine!

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tue, oct 14th, '14  ♦  09:20pm

friday 10th;

promo ad bobbi & i did for his upcoming VIP this week.
oh, hi!!

(poor bobbi who loathes getting his picture taken...)

i'm slowly getting used to seeing that stuff so small on my computer screen suddenly become exponential. but still. ha! also i'm kind of happy i finally learned to let go and put aside my designer delusions, and truly listen to what the ''customer'' wants. anyway. tadddaaammm.

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tue, oct 14th, '14  ♦  08:21pm


beware of inside the stove when mémère is meowing.

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tue, oct 14th, '14  ♦  08:16pm

that weather is wildly AWESOME.

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tue, oct 7th, '14  ♦  10:18pm

it took 1½ weeks but, oh hey!!!! pinch me i'm no longer sick.
the last couple days were not too bad, however today is officially the day.

sunday evening i impulsively cleared the last remaining section of the walk-in containing clothes. i'll be giving away more than half of it, the other half i squeezed into the other closets. and through this action comes THE WONDER OF MAKING THINGS BETTER. aka, buying two new shelves to acquire (even more) storage space. i asked seb for a lift to go get that over the week, but for whatever reason it seemed like a bummer to him, and also because i have zero patience, i walked to the home depot after work yesterday. their 48'' wide shelves were a $20 rip-off each. uh, thanks but no thanks. instead i chose to get laminated whitewood panels at $10 each, which i got cut at the proper size. and when i went to pay (surpriiiise) cash register girl only charged me for one panel!! i think she got confused cuz there were actually 4 pieces into my cart, including the cuts. ...but even still. hehe. score! thereafter managed to drag my panels back home, and fixed most of my room-crap back up throughout the evening.

work update: not sure if new coworker changed her perfume, or not wearing as much, or whatever, but i'm no longer smelling it as strong as the first day and this is freakin' awesome.

bought my tea party ticket this morning so i'll be seeing you in november with the gang, mister martin. ;)

oooh god i hate eric salvail and his stupid tv show that's playing right now!!!!!!!

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tue, oct 7th, '14  ♦  09:29pm

saturday 4th;

new brunch place @ gerry's w/ seb
smoked salmon = we have a winner!


an ok/good evening. entertaining, yes. the most hilarious i have ever seen mado lamothe bitch? um, no. the best mado is the spontaneous mado. the one whom i've seen at the cabaret throughout my twenties. this show needs a little bit of fine-tuning, IMO. loved the ''minifée'' re-make though!

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tue, oct 7th, '14  ♦  09:02pm

friday 3rd;

walk around town before.....


@ centre PHI

since i never got around to see the exhibit in toronto last year, thank you thank you thank yoooou life for that documentary. wheee. still can't believe a man so hot could actually be older than my mother...

i got a little bit frustrated trying to find my way to the PHI centre. first time over there and probably last, not sure why but to me the whole damn place oozes pretentiousness (in a ''people drinking wine while discussing art'' kind of way).

random ps wtf: sitting next to and chatting with geneviève borne.

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thu, oct 2nd, '14  ♦  08:22pm
you know what...

the bad thing about being heavier (i'm just gonna put it this way) after having once been ''the skinny girl'' who's never ever going to settle down is that, according to this scenario generally people won't tend to come to conclusions such as:
- «genetics can be a b**ch, too, sometimes.» about the overweight person who's always been that way throughout their life.
- «she sacrified her body — what a beautiful thing!» about the woman who's previously been bearing children.


i guess all they could think of goes as follows:
- «well. she must've ate too much. gotta be careful in your thirties.»

i've had no incident related to this whatsoever and zero comments about it thus far, though it doesn't mean people aren't thinking it(!!!)

my body has been stolen from me only because of fucking digestive problems.
i carry on, but i'm a little angry.

i suppose it's another one of those ''is it better to have known or not'' slap in the face.

(i'm going through old photos again.
shut up.)

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wed, oct 1st, '14  ♦  10:48pm

today was a weird day.

they asked someone new at work to come help us in our department expecting busy times ahead. three months, more or less. she's ok, i mean...different generation. but she does seem really nice. she's sitting at my table. right next to me. OHHHHHHHH GOD I DON'T LIKE HER PERFUME (!!!!!) i feel like a bad person for it. miss princess precious. and maybe i am. or maybe i'm just oversensitive. whichever the case, it bugs me. A LOT. goddammit.

i have also seen:

@ cinema du parc

what a truly amazing and inspiring movie. nick cave gets it. he gets IT. you know. seriously..... there were so many sentences said into this movie i wish i could've written down. because they struck something inside which keeps me going (despite all the bullshit). perhaps i will once it comes out on DVD.

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mon, sep 22nd, '14  ♦  08:42pm
real cost breakdown for upcoming trip

just to visualize what i am saving;Collapse )

= approx­ $370

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sun, sep 21st, '14  ♦  02:41am
pop montréal

saturday 20th;

foire du disque @ fédération ukrainienne: salle st-ambroise

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sun, sep 21st, '14  ♦  02:37am

friday 19th;

chapters ste-cath closing.


merry urban outfitting.

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sat, sep 20th, '14  ♦  03:19pm

slept 14 hours last night. (is there a doctor in the house?!)

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thu, sep 18th, '14  ♦  09:50pm

also worthy of mention that my placebo ticket FINALLY ARRIVED IN THE MAIL TODAY after they sent it back including my apartment # this time.

damn those fuck-ups.

but, hey. h-a-p-p-y.

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thu, sep 18th, '14  ♦  09:07pm

chantal (oh, master spiritual guru) once said to me; ''if you wish for something, don't wish too much for it. otherwise you're gonna fuck everything up and it's not gonna happen. just remind yourself every now and then of how nice it will be to have this or that. put it out there in the universe.'' ...or something along those lines, anyway.

well, this modernized piece of strange fairy tale stuck in my mind. somehow.
and it works. apparently...
frankly i'm not sure how it works or can work, but it just does.

i swear. every single time i have wanted something sooooo freakin' i-can't-stand-myself BADLY, it did not happen.
but this trick?!!! helloooo.
this is how i got my current job which i never even searched for. this is how i got my table switch at work next to emma. this is how i met bobbi who totally changed my existence. this is how i got my apartment next to bobbi's. and whatever else i can't recall at the moment.

now, this is also how today i got my hotel wish-switch from the travel package deal i purchased last week...WITHOUT THE $400 PENALTY.

(because yes, my trip to iceland is booked. wheeeee.)

everything was fine until early this week when i changed my mind about the hotel i'd picked to be included into my package. i don't know...it kinda struck me like lightning that i didn't want to have to bother with the noise coming from the local reykjavik airport at the natura. the distance to downtown, also. afterwards when i further researched the marina, i just died a little. it was just more...me? slightly more expensive, but worth it.

i proceeded to e-mail icelandair that same evening inquiring about my options. at this point, i needed the switch. y'know. but they didn't get back to me about it for 3 days. and, i must admit that past my initial startling realization, i didn't really give a damn anymore. in the end it all comes down to having a place to crash. and, besides, after the whole dirty floors creepy bath/shower haunted house ordeal in new orleans, nothing can ever really much worse IMO.

of course, i still couldn't help but *think* it would be awesome if someone from icelandair would get back to me saying i could just start my booking over like nothing ever happened. and what do you know.....someone pretty much just did that this afternoon.

spooky. spooky-woohoo.

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