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sun, nov 15th, '09  ♦  12:16pm
internship FOUND

my papers have been signed thursday afternoon therefore it's offical;
i have found me an internship!

& in classic me-fashion, it's going to be verrry gay.

also i am now on a mission (which i couldn't help but accept) of finding two ken dolls to come up with a photo which just might be ending up in a mag cover.

p.s.: schedule of 1pm to whenever i want? bwahahhh. helloooo.

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sun, nov 8th, '09  ♦  02:44pm

remnants of october...

sunday 10/4th to wednesday 7th;

rushing to get elina's photos from the shoot ready prior to my leaving for the weekend. and! (horror!) the deadline to pick a final photo + create an ad out of it was originally supposed to be october 31st. well elina sends me a voicemail that afternoon: the lady at transcontinental would appreciate it muchly if she could get the ad for that upcoming friday. f*ck. me. meaning that i'd have to take care of this that evening coming since i needed time to pack on the thursday night. frankly i didn't expect such an odd ad format, either. i managed to put something together but oh boy oh boy oh boy...stress.

in the meantime, school is beyond-words-crazy. but of course.

thursday 10/8th;

spaghetti dinner over at chantal & laura. m'man & p'pa are also invited...meaning, AND p'pa camera as well. argh! that was also the evening before i was to leave for toronto and clearly, a few hours left for packing luggage is a little too risky. sure enough i ran out of time. went to bed around 3AM. then it became out of the question for me to possibly attend class for a little while that following morning.

friday 16th;

bazaar kind of sale. seems as though i'm getting used to attending that sort of trashy event, oh gawds i'm turning out to be just like my mother. whaaaa! but i found just the prettiest vintage hats. and when i asked for the price and the lady said: «$2 each» i wanted to laugh and laugh and LAUGH thinking: «are you mad??!». i got a good couple of them. oh, dear.

seb came over (to st-jean, yes.....!) to come pick up my computer late in the night. we'd been talking about him fixing/upgrading my computer since last may so FINALLY it was time to do something about it. 2 GIG more memory + installation of ubuntu & the latest version of windows XP.

thursday 22nd;

snow. yes, snow. ???!

chantal, laura & i left for montreal around dinner time to pick up seb after his shift, so we could spend the night over at his place. excuse being i needed to get my computer back. my external hard drive having slipped to the floor again earlier that week let's just say in my head i was still kind of manic. yet overall i think it was an ok evening. in any case it's funny being four people squeezed into a bathroom while one of them is being pampered. + more free perfume ♥ which is aaalways good.

p.s.: i think i might be allergic to alcohol!

thursday 29th;

day off!

james had kindly agreed to take a look at my broken external hard drive, a few days before, and had managed to not only save my data but fix the drive as well! so i was gonna come pick it up around dinner time. it's funny i slipped 20 bucks into his pocket cuz he wouldn't accept any money hohohohoo hooker style and there was plenty of people around but anyways my life has been saved again!!! what can i say. oh, and i'm also saving $150 into the process. booyah.

that evening turned out to be rather bizarre. i ended up running around like crazy around the old port then having no more time to check out julie's exhibit then going off to the botanical garden to see the lanterns only to turn back around like 10 minutes later cuz the queueing line just to buy tickets was insane. around the same time chantal & laura were to ditch the ridiculous ghost tour they were taking down at the port, and after i stopped by urban outfitters we went to have a really late resto dinner at barbie's in brossard. spying on the conversation of a loud drunken butch and her friends sitting at a table nearby. hahahhaha.

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sun, oct 4th, '09  ♦  11:19pm

leaving for toronto in 5 days!

(of course i am not ready. of course i'm not even going to be ready on friday. ha.)

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sun, sep 20th, '09  ♦  04:34pm
by the way

paragraph: «the other opportunity [...]»


talked to a teacher about this on tuesday and got the green light on thursday.
!!! part of my internship found! + $$$ ;)

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thu, sep 3rd, '09  ♦  11:23pm

i am menstruating so bad i swear i must've lost 1 pint of blood today.

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thu, sep 3rd, '09  ♦  12:51am

the re-beginning of school for the high school kids basically means for me, adios weekdays lunch microwaved food. for the cafeteria has offically re-become "zone sinistrée".

i'm kind of feeling half-sorry for half of those sorry kids. the half that's left behind, yet stuck to blend in anyway. on the metro monday morning i sat across from some kid, typical emo kid starring at his/her (couldn't tell) shoes. just another ordinary day, much like any others, just assurely not for everyone. days like these when i'm so fucking happy just to be myself and to be where i'm at.

tuesday 2nd;

my own classes are going fairly ok. we just got started on "module 20", which mostly is about how not to get ripped off when you're doing freelance. soooo interesting. talking big bucks!

in the late afternoon i found a really awesome book on pop art at indigo. i didn't know sh*t about ed kienholz, but wow just wow. his work is f-a-s-c-i-n-a-t-i-n-g. truly inspirational.

i did hesitate a bit to stop by pharmaprix afterwards bothering seb at work again, albeit i had the excuse of needing a new phone card, so.....

at that point he was at the cash register busy w/ someone, so i'm just doing him the typical tah-tah handwave-hello. he notices me a few seconds later, and smiles back: «hey!!». yet (again) i did not really want to bother him, therefore i headed straight over for my phone card and picking up grape juice. a little while later he comes to check to see if i'm still in the store, and yells from across: «marie-france! don't leave yet, ok?». ookkkk. i come up to his counter once he's back, and he tells me he's got a surprise for me:
- «whaaaahh what is it, what is it?!»
and he hands over to me that $90 perfume bottle. sure enough he prolly got it for free, but still. heee.

now on the annoying side of things, of course he just couldn't help himself and went on and ooon again about how WE'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY HAIIIR! as if both of our lives were depending on it;
- [him]: «ok, i'll tell you what: you're gonna buy hairdye, we'll go to my place, i'm gonna dye it for you. then you'll be going to the hairdresser (a good one), and i'm going to pay half for it. deal?»
- [me]: «...alright. fine!!!»
honestly i'm just too tired to defend myself about it anymore. heh. in the end i guess that he wins. even though i'm finding this superficial as all hell, and also i am freaking scared! nobody understands my hair. even i barely understand it. but hey, i figure that after that if my hair's still fucked at least i can get him to shut up. at last. i'm even going as far as to let him decide whatever the fuck he wants my hair to be done like, that's just how much i care. ha! in some strange way i think i'm starting to understand what most guys feel like when their girlfriends are dragging them to the shopping mall for a super girly time. *** insert eye roll **** !

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mon, aug 24th, '09  ♦  12:51am

friday 21st;

heading upstairs to mmmuffins before taking the metro to class.

there's little piece of cardboard with a bunch of muffins underneath saying "2 for 1".
- [me]: «what's that about, are all muffins 2 for 1?»
- [woman]: «actually those are from yesterday's batch.»
- [me]: «oh! ok. i'll have that then.»
at this point i very much felt like adding:
«we've got expired food all the time back at home, anyway. i've seen worse!»

aw, my family...

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mon, aug 24th, '09  ♦  12:18am

thursday 20th;

i'm in the classroom about to tear my hair out about the pre-test when i notice seb is calling me on my cell. 11am...?! straaange. it's a given that i was not gonna call back right away being on pre-test. but as i'm heading for lunch i notice all of those missed calls alerts on my cell from unknown locations. voicemail check; a lady's asking about my portfolio saying she can't find my photos online, and to get back to her about it...and that sebastien had given her my number. ahoy! wtf! then another voicemail from seb, letting me know that he might have super news for me and to call him back ASAP at the job.

and so it turns out that...

....those albums filled with 4 x 6" prints of my work which i randomly left over at his place that time we did the shoot — for him to look at some time so he could see the actual richer colors versus those from on his teevee screen — well he's been showing them around to everyone, and bringing them at work. and apparently everyone loveslovesloves what i do.

i'm not sure why but i doubt that something will work out with that woman who called, from the instinct i'm getting when i close my eyes. working for a company having shops as far as NYC? wow. that'd be huge. that'd be fucking fabulous, yes. granted i'm kind of starting to have big dreams now, just maaaybe not quite as big yet!

the other opportunity i'd be having is a contract for their own cosmetic department at pharmaprix. doing exactly what i'm craving to do as a living: grabbing my camera going for glamorous shootings and fixing the photos afterwards. not only that, but earning really nice money in the process + tons of goodies. and from the sound of it, they'd actually hire me for sure. they're sold. however it's on my side of things that it might be tricky. because (as i was about to learn when i actually saw seb on friday) it would be for 4 weekdays in december. aka, right during my internship. fuuuuuuuuuuuck. you have got to be kidding me?! i'm realizing now that maybe just maybe this might count as part of my internship. that perhaps i could swing two things at two different places together to result in 3 weeks time. because, honestly, i could kick myself for missing such an opportunity. anyways...only time will tell at this point.

holy crapola.
however seb became my #1 fan, we just might be on to grand things now. it's almost scary(!) most. awesomest. team. ever.


after hanging up with him on thursday, some geek came to stand beside me and started talking to me (of course). rather short, brown hair, glasses, t-shirt & shorts. shudders. then the classic "i'm gonna talk to you pretending i'm not hitting on you but i really am" conversation. first he started asking me those annoying verdun touristy questions:
- [me]: «i wouldn't know about that. i am not from here. i only go to school over there.»
- [him]: «in what?»
- [me]: «graphic design.»
- [him]: «seeing you from back there i thought it might've been hairdressing.»
- [me]: «oh! my hair. yeah i know. it's insane. i do what i can.»
and get this!
- [him]: «so i take it you're going to school here, but aren't living here?»
- [me]: «right. i live on the south shore.»
later on in the conversation, he brings this up again.
- [him]: «since you're living on the south shore, couldn't you come to school by bike?»
- [me]: «umm, no. i'm a little too far for that.»
- [him]: «how far?»
- [me]: «about 40 minutes i'd say.»
in the end i couldn't drag this on any longer, and had to tell him where i live.
but the best part remains where we'd previously been talking about the fact that i have no car.
- [him]: «do you have a boyfriend who does have a car?»
- [me]: «no, i don't.»
- [him]: «...do you have a boyfriend who doesn't have a car?»
- [me] !!!: «no, i don't.»
eventually i told him i had to take off to get back to class, and for once my excuse was genuine. he then said that if they were going to bitch at me for being late, that i could always say that whatever-his-name-was was to blame for. then off he goes on his bike following the trail towards the school. phew? but then! a couple minutes later, he's actually coming back my way! fuuuuck. meeee.
- [him]: «i had to turn around. the trail's getting boring this way. .....by the way, actually i'm single.»
i should've told him that i still live over at my parents. bwahhaha! that might've given him a good cold shower.

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thu, aug 20th, '09  ♦  08:19pm

dear livejournal-of-my-heart,

my life is offically getting cwaaaazaaaaaay.


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sun, aug 16th, '09  ♦  10:44pm

saturday 15th;

i went to winners and bought clothes from the children department including A SUPER CUTE GIRLY DRESS. crinoline-ish and all! in days like these, that's "barely having boobs" at its perk. oh. yesss.

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mon, aug 3rd, '09  ♦  02:40am

tuesday 28th;

went to exchange CAN/US money for the following day. dropped off the books back at the library.

shopped in laval. *finally* found my ultimate solution for my earring storage. aka, winners! (as a matter of fact i spent a little too much at winners, yes). i know that i'd previously said i'd found it already, however, long story short, that turned into a total mess upon trying different ways to paint those things black covering up the gold finish...color which i'm hating with a fierce passion of course.

stopped over at sebastien's place for the remaining part of the evening.

*** beaming(-don't-let-it-showwww) ***

knocking on door + typical hi's.
- [me]: «do you want your kisses anyway? i'm just back from the restaurant and i smell like coffee.»
- [him]: «oh, who cares?!!»

the point of my visit, originally, being to teach him the basics of illustrator so he could tweak his logo to his liking. but i should've known it'd turn out into something else altogether. before doing anything anyhow, i had to wait until he'd be done cooking dinner... besides, he had those stories to tell and bitch about when it comes to his job contracts. latest being; that upcoming saturday he actually had to do the make-up for quite a few people at a big wedding (big enough so he had to hire an assistant this time) mixing that with the fact that some other girl (let's call her J) absolutely wanted him-and-noone-else to do her make-up that exact same day for whatever event. so he'd been asking the bride if somehow it would be ok for J, albeit a complete stranger to her, to stop by early at her place prior to the wedding so she could get her make-up done. it would just take minutes, anyway. so the bride agreed, everything was fine. seb then confirms with J saying it's ok, that she could come over then. but later! some other woman organizing the wedding calls him back saying that nooo, it would be too awkward for a stranger to be there after all. and by that time it was too late to re-contact J as she'd gone off to toronto until that friday. anywaysss. seb was pissed. and thankfully for once, not at me, hahhah. s'all good. p.s.: he's making sooo much money with those contract deals this is absolutely sickening.

then (classic) he wanted us to watch the "sex and the city" movie. now this easily could've been a just-shoot-me-please moment for me, but honestly i was kinda curious about it so when he made that strong suggestion i said okkk, fiiine. turns out it's not all that bad. or maybe it's the weed, ha. however a little too girly. hell, even for me.

when eventually came the time for me to be heading back, i asked him to check for the stm bus schedules online as he actually suggested to give me a ride back to the metro instead. which kind of took me by surprise, i must say! i'd gotten so used of dealing with this bus-metro-bus transportation crap every time i'd been going over there.

inside his car, i still hadn't given him MY SUPER AWESOME SECRET GIFT. and, seriously, this couldn't wait any longer. it could not. i had the ticket put inside an enveloppe put inside a wider-for-trickery box which i'd even made heavier with chocolate inside, haha. prettily wrapped up into christmassy paper (cuz hey, it's me).
- [me]: «wait! what do you think it is?»
- [him]: «~chuckles~ i have nooo idea.»
- [me]: «fine then. i'm going to give you clues. first; i've got one too.»
- [him]: «...?»
- [me]: «you might not want/need it. if that's the case, just give it back to me.»
- [him]: «...??»
- [me]: «and no, sorry, it's not a butt-plug.»
- [him]: «~laughs~! oh, knowing you of course it wouldn't!»
so he opens up the box, eventually finding the ticket and staring at it for about a good minute i swear, not at all knowing what to say. but i could totally tell that inside he was going ohmygawdohmygawdohmygawd.
- [him]: «it's for where?!!»
- [me]: «toronto. i'm taking us. if you'd like?»
i always find it funny whenever i've known people for months or even years, then suddenly some day i get a random "WHY, I'D NEVER SEEN THAT FACE BEFORE!" moment. well, this was one of those. he looked like a little three-years-old having just gotten one of his dream gifts on his birthday. utterly speechless and obviously freaking out bouncy. i asked if he even knew that kylie was hitting up a few north american dates on this tour, and he said that he really had no clue. that's always going to remain a mystery to me, how he didn't know. i was so convinced that he might've known! even if just through his (fag)friends.

wow. for however bad/weird it's been in the last months, i can hardly believe how awesome this is going now. it's like we're both walking on eggshells with each other, albeit in a good way. i mean, even before i gave him the ticket, you could tell he was making extra sure everything was going fine this time around. asking if i needed anything, if it was too hot... he didn't even say anything about my hair, even though my roots were CLEARLY showing. and that is so unlike seb. whah!

life is preettee schweet.

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thu, jul 23rd, '09  ♦  09:12pm

Q: how do you girls store your earrings?

i need to find a good system for that! cuz honestly right now it's pretty fucked up. still.

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wed, jul 22nd, '09  ♦  01:28pm

nana de chez mado vient de poster ça sur facebook (DEAD!!);

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tue, jul 21st, '09  ♦  03:10am

heeee! ♥ thanks m.

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fri, jul 17th, '09  ♦  01:40pm

two weeks of going to bed (verrrry) late; the excitement has just begun!


...no, wait. what am i saying?? i'm already going to bed very late, either way. haha.
fine then; let the sleeping begin for the excitement has just begun!

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wed, jul 8th, '09  ♦  11:31pm
day off

today i bought;
  • a fake bird nest
  • an hour glass
  • lollipops
  • glitters & stars
  • luminous toothpaste
  • soft & dri anti-perspirant
  • bubbles
  • twix & bounty chocolate bars
  • lindor milk chocolate
  • a black pearl necklace
  • stars shaped earrings
  • a yummy dinner at mckibbin's

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

    pointe-claire is going to be the death of me.
    or, of my wallet anyway.
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    tue, jul 7th, '09  ♦  11:33pm

    after an absence of 1½ year! re-started classes last thursday (in the morning no less). oh boy oh boy oh booooy. so far so good, albeit clearly you tend to forget a whole lot of nothing after all this time. no problemo as far as photoshop is concerned. however it's a whole different story when it comes to quark & illustrator. but hey, so long as i'm sitting there and having my name checked on the presence list, i should be ok. ~shrug~

    réal is giving "module 15" this time around. and, i should've known. i should've expected it. that i'd wind up wasting hours away on the internet from lack of having more work to do during class. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. !!! thus far i have spent more time online than working on stuff. it very much feels like i'm being home, still, bored...only this is going somewhere. heh.

    i believe internship starts in late november. getting me out of school for good with diploma in hands december 17th.

    then rendez-vous for portfolio night, just before christmas, where i get to show off and be proud (open to the public!).

    i can totally do this.

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    tue, jul 7th, '09  ♦  11:09pm

    friday 3rd;

    woke up after having slept 11 hours. therefore making up for the 2 hours-ish i'd gotten the previous night, because of school. GAHHHH. in the evening chantal & laura & i spent a rather bizarre evening in the village.

    the good: stoned guy falling face first on the street, disgusting mcdonald's fries, cheese cake at kilo...cute waiter serving cheese cake at kilo.

    the bad: wet (in a totally non-exciting way) chairs on the terrasse, flat discontinued tornado, that ashley girl completely ignoring us, not going dancing at unity after all because ting is not sticking up to plan as per usual.

    the odd: the bisexual girl asking around to whoever would listen for the way to the drugstore in hopes of experimenting with a dyke for the first time. .....the drugstore, bwahhahaha. for all i care she prolly picked up drag king maxime.

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    thu, jul 2nd, '09  ♦  02:37pm
    virgin mobile

    de: moi
    à: service à la clientèle

    «je n'ai jamais eu ce problème auparavant, mais maintenant à chaque fois que je télécharge une nouvelle sonnerie, bien que le téléchargement s'effectue sans problème et que je puisse écouter la chanson par la suite, il est impossible de l'appliquer en tant que sonnerie. que j'essaie de la mettre par défaut ou bien "customized" pour un contact x, rien à faire...ça se met toujours à "sonnerie par défaut", qui est une des sonneries originales du téléphone. j'ai même essayé d'effacer une sonnerie existante (fonctionnelle) pour la re-télécharger, et le même problème est survenu!

    c'est devient très frustrant. ça ne fait même pas 1 an que j'ai ce téléphone, et aujourd'hui j'ai ce problème de sonnerie, en plus que la majorité du temps il refuse de se fermer, aussi depuis que j'ai changé de carte de crédit à être associée à mon compte je dois acheter des cartes d'appel car le système refuse d'accepter cette nouvelle carte (j'avais même appelé un de vos employés et le problème n'avait pas pu être résolu).»

    j'attends. j'attends. depuis PAS MAL de temps déjà. lalalaaaaaaaaa.
    aucune réponse à l'horizon, visiblement.

    summing that up, here's what i'm the most bitter about when it comes to my phone;

  • as of late every time i'm downloading new ringers, while they play fine into my stuff folder, i can't apply them to any contact. ringer goes back to default.
  • it refuses to shut off. while i can always switch it to silent mode, definitely couldn't go on a plane with that thing.
  • i can't make my monthly refill with a credit card anymore. not ever since i switched from mastercard to visa. the system won't accept that credit even though it's valid, therefore i've always got to bother getting calling cards.
  • can't send/e-mail any photo that i'm taking with it. error #whichever. always.

    thankfully i am NOT contract-bound.
    i think the end is coming soon.
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    thu, jun 11th, '09  ♦  03:55am


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