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the tea party

friday 11/28th;

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live @ the metropolis

this past weekend it felt as though i'd been torn to exist between two worlds as i was recovering from unexpected post-show withdrawal.

although quite honestly, yes i'll be frank, i haven't exactly cared for the tea party in the last couple years. not even enough so to buy or listen to the latest album which they're currently touring for. ha ha.

but. despite everything, i couldn't possibly EVER deny the fact that my life shifted on that random day when i was 19 years old, when i happened to win passes to see them play live at musiqueplus. (how, i don't remember at ALL.)

also i have no concept of how many times i might have seen them live afterwards. what i do know, however, is that the music they once gave life to created of series events and encounters into my own life which would change it forever. which, i guess, even came to overpower the songs. i don't know. i can't properly explain.....cuz it wouldn't make any sense to anyone but me, but there you have it. almost 15 years later.

how to not think back about the days i'd be earning free viarail trips from taking the train so much going to all those concerts. lining up with the girls under all possible weather conditions so we'd make sure to get the best spots to watch them play. the constant adrenaline rush of possibly meeting + talking with them after events. the thick cloudy-weed-filled air at the metropolis. the crazy mosh pit in sherbrooke when i ripped out a bunch of sandra's long curly hair and she didn't even notice until i showed her. sleeping in a tent before the wasaga beach show surrounded by other strangers-fans (who'd want to know my name and i'd try my best to pronounce marie the english-speaking way so they'd understand me and failing, utterly). that beautiful summer evening at the festival d'été de québec singing our guts out during "the halcyon days" while sandra was in a freakin' trance. the grocery store nearby the warehouse venue in toronto where we used to hang out with the girls (cuz it was too cold out!) waiting for the show to begin in the evening. catching burrows' drumstick upon slightly fighting with another girl at the weird outdoors show in vermont. the jeff dolls that chantal used to make. all the people whom i crossed paths with not only here but throughout the country.....those same people who've disappeared overtime, and the ones who are surprisingly still around today. late night chats on ICQ. sleeping over at sandra's. the numerous bootleg recordings on cassettes. making our parents endure that music during so many car rides. hell, even the phase when we didn't like the band anymore so we'd constantly tease them between each other at any given occasion.

above all, i think, what i'm the most nostalgic about is the freedom. the freedom, the freedom, THE FREEDOM.

i guess it's true you can't be 20 forever.


anyway, i've now heard the latest album. a couple of songs that they played at the show remained stuck in my head and so i complied. "the ocean at the end" (the song) is pretty damn awesome: «see those starlit skies, i'm so alone. i hear those angels cry, please take me home.» and very tea party-ish.

btw and unrelated, i know it's getting pretty old but the song "transmission" is so fucking perfect.

thank you, good night.
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