burn the witch & roast marshmallows (tantrum) wrote,
burn the witch & roast marshmallows


grand news...


why ever the hell did i wait so long yet?!!

ordered it online on friday and...O-M-G .....there it was inside a big box in front of my door on sunday. super express service wowz. actually, i'd heard the apartment buzzer on saturday as well, just didn't bother getting up to check who was at the door since i wasn't expecting anyone. besides, the only one who ever uses my buzzer is mr lam to pick up the rent. but i'd already left my check for the month and it'd also been picked up + cashed. which kind of got me a little paranoid when i heard the buzzer again on sunday, assuming mr lam never found my check in the usual spot and that maybe just maybe the stupid lady downstairs from seb might have stolen it. anyhow. it was around 11am on sunday when someone buzzed from downstairs and there's nooo freakin' way i'm getting up anytime before noon on weekends (or it's gotta be worthwhile, like... very). just too bad i never managed to fall back asleep. heh.

but back to the coffee maker and even better news: at the time i ordered its price was discounted to 68,99$, and it's now already back to its original price! also used a 7% off promo code and free shipping. threw in some extra cups gasgets to complete the order.

seb & i tried it last night and so far so good. wheee.
instant coffee twice a day? never again!
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