burn the witch & roast marshmallows (tantrum) wrote,
burn the witch & roast marshmallows

for b.

two months ago, i loaned $300 to a co-worker. she needed the money ASAP to help pay hospital bills for her aging mother who's been sick and close to dying back in her home country. it's not like she asked for the money or anything. somehow the topic just came up in a conversation. she was feeling bad/sad, i was starting to feel like the most horrible person having all that money in my bank account with no purpose for it yet and just nodding with a comprehensive look upon my face.

it was scary of course. once those words finally came out of my mouth. because it wasn't anything like $5, $20...or hell even $100. plus we've only been co-workers for less than a year. i'm usually not such a good person (ha!) but right there and then i felt ok with the fact that i could very well lose that money. but a good deed would be accomplished, either way.

i gave her two months to pay me back.

this morning she gave me the last $90 still missing.

this is making me feel all kinds of wonderful because although my social life is downright shitty these days, her mom is still alive. and maybe that's all that matters in this fucked up world.
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